3 Pieces on 2 Instruments for 1 Player

Vibraphone and Marimba for 1 Player

  • Instrument:
    Vibraphone & Marimba (1 Player)
  • Number of compositions:

    1.) Rain Chain
    2.) Children’s Song
    3.) D ‘ N ‘ A

  • Written by:
    Leonhard Waltersdorfer
  • Format:
    Hard copy
  • First published:
  • Current edition:
    3rd edition (2022)
  • Pages:

This publication contains three seperate compositions for vibraphone & marimba (1 player). Each of the compositions can be played on its own.

These three compositions are special because the performer plays the vibraphone and the marimba at the same time. The vibraphone should be placed at a 90° angle to the marimba.

“Rain Chain” and “D ‘ N ‘ A” contain free improvisation sections. While written-out improvisations are included after these pieces, the performer is encouraged to experiment and create his or her own solos.

Rain Chain

Children’s Song

D ‘ N ‘ A